Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) - Overview

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) is a useful tool to support smaller community projects without the lengthy study and authorization process typical of most larger Corps of Engineers projects. It allows the Fort Worth District to plan, design and construct projects of limited size, cost, scope and complexity. It is ideal for funding projects for flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, erosion control and streambank protection.

The CAP draws on a collection of ongoing water resource authorities issued under several different laws. Under each, the Secretary of the Army, acting through the Chief of Engineers, is authorized to plan, design and implement water resources projects. These projects do not require specific congressional authorization. This program is funded by Congress and works on a cost-share basis with a sponsoring agency, such as a city, county, state or other group.

To promote comprehensive collaborative planning, CAP also supports formulation of multipurpose projects. Examples of multipurpose functions: flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, recreation, water supply, storm damage reduction and education.

CAP authorities

Under CAP, the Fort Worth District supports communities under four different authorities. Click on the links below for opportunities each offers.

Summary of the CAP Process

Sponsor Tool Kit

CAP projects

Completed CAP projects

Corps of Engineers water resource programs other than CAP:

To request assistance or for additional information, please contact:

Zia Burns
Programs and Project Management Division
U.S. Army Engineer District, Fort Worth
P.O. Box 17300
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

CAP contacts within Texas but outside of the Fort Worth District boundaries: The Fort Worth District serves the CAP program in about 53 percent of Texas as shown on the map at the top of this web page. Three Corps of Engineers districts, listed below, serve the rest.

Galveston District

Texas area served: Rio Grande watershed downstream from Laredo and all counties on or near the Texas Gulf Coast as shown in the map above. CAP point of contact: 409-766-3130

Tulsa District

Texas area served: Red River and Canadian River basins CAP point of contact: 918-669-7236

Albuquerque District

Texas area served: Pecos River basin and the rest of the Rio Grande watershed from El Paso to Amistad Reservoir (just upstream of Del Rio) CAP point of contact: 505-342-3361            

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