DFW Cemetery Expansion

The purpose of the Proposed Action is to comply with the VA mission to provide interment services to U.S. veterans and their families while complying with all environmental laws and regulations associated with the development of the cemetery. The need for burial expansion is to ensure a sufficient capacity of various types of interment sites, crypts, and columbaria beyond 2020. Without implementation of the Proposed Action, the DFW National Cemetery is expected to reach capacity in developed areas within 3 years, which would lead to scheduling conflicts due to an insufficient number of committal service shelters.

Dredging and maintenance of Veterans Lake and a portion of the wetland mitigation area are necessary in order to maintain compliance with the original CWA Section 404 Nationwide Permit that approved construction of the lake. The Proposed Action will restore hydrological characteristics to the lake and a reach of Nancy’s Creek that are required in perpetuity as mitigation measures for the original loss of a section of Nancy’s Creek when Veterans Lake was built.

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