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Formerly Used Defese Sites

The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for environmental restoration of properties that were formerly owned by, leased to or otherwise possessed by the United States and under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense. Such properties are known as Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS).

The Army is the executive agent for the program and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages and directs the program's administration. The scope and magnitude of the FUDS program are significant, with more than 10,000 properties identified for potential inclusion in the program. Information about the origin and extent of contamination, land transfer issues, past and present property ownership, and program policies must be evaluated before DoD considers a property eligible for Defense Environment Restoration Account (DERA) funding under the FUDS program. Environmental cleanup at FUDS properties is conducted in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.

3Rs of Explosives Safety Education

      Recognize - when you may have encountered a munition and that
     munitions are dangerous.
     Retreat – do not approach, touch, move or disturb it, but carefully leave
     the area
     Report – call 911 and advise the police of what you saw and where you saw
For more information and educational materials, please visit this link.                    
Munitions may be encountered anywhere past or present military training occurred. Current range boundaries do not necessarily reflect where munitions may be found.