Joe Pool Lake Master Plan Revision

General InformationJoe Pool Lake

The Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Fort Worth District, is revising the Joe Pool Lake Master Plan. The Master Plan is intended to serve as a comprehensive land and recreational management plan with a life span of 25 years. It guides the stewardship of natural and cultural resources and the provision of outdoor recreation facilities and opportunities to ensure sustainability of federal land associated with Joe Pool Lake.

About Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake is in the Trinity River Basin and is located in portions of Dallas, Tarrant and Ellis counties. The lake proper is bordered on the west and south by the City of Grand Prairie and on the east by the City of Cedar Hill. The primary missions of the lake are water conservation and flood risk reduction. The Trinity River Authority is controls the water supply aspect of Joe Pool Lake and was the local sponsor Secondary missions include environmental stewardship of natural and cultural resources and the provision of high quality outdoor recreation opportunities. The dam at Joe Pool Lake was completed in 1986 and official impoundment of water began that same year. At the conservation (normal) pool elevation of 522.0’ NGVD, the lake covers 7,470 acres. Joe Pool Lake is home to the very popular Cedar Hill State Park operated by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department as well as Lynn Creek and Lloyd Parks operated by the City of Grand Prairie.

Joe Pool Lake Fast Facts about Joe Pool Lake
  • Surface acres at normal pool: 7,470
  • Acres of land above normal pool: 7,452
  • Surface acres at top of flood pool:10,940
  • Miles of shoreline at normal pool: 60

What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan is the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of all project recreational, natural, and cultural resources throughout the life of the water resources project.

Why Revise the Joe Pool Lake Master Plan?

The current Master Plan for Joe Pool Lake was prepared in the 1979 – 81 time frame. Since then many changes have taken place including major utility and highway construction, a shift in park operations from the Trinity River Authority to the City of Grand Prairie, and expansion of Cedar Hill State Park to the north. The Plan and the land classifications are in need of revision to address changes in regional land use, population, outdoor recreation trends and USACE management policy. Key topics to be addressed in the revised Master Plan include revised land classifications, new natural and recreational resource management objectives, recreation facility needs and special topics such as invasive species management and protection of sensitive wildlife habitat. Public participation is critical to the successful revision of the Master Plan.

The Master Planning Process

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