Civil Works

The Fort Worth District Civil Works missions include flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, water supply, recreation, fish and wildlife mitigation, hydropower and environmental stewardship.

The District’s Civil Works area of responsibility covers approximately 53 percent of the state of Texas and portions of 10 river basins from the Rio Grande River in the southwest to the Red River in the northeast.

The District collaborates with numerous river authorities, federal, state and local governments, and resource agencies on water resource studies within the Trinity, San Antonio, Guadalupe, Nueces, Brazos, Sabine, Neches, Sulphur, Rio Grande and Colorado river basins. The issues addressed in these studies range from large, complex, multi-purpose basin-wide water resource problems to smaller, localized problems.

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Military Programs

The Fort Worth District’s Military Branch is a dedicated and multi-disciplined supporting 16 Army and Air Force installations and other Military customers throughout New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas. The District currently, manages a robust design and construction MILCON and reimbursable program totaling of $6.2 billion. Through a dedicated workforce, the Fort Worth District successfully executed $4.4 billion in Base Realignment and Closure Program Projects. Projects were delivered on time and within budget by September 15, 2011. MILCON Transformation enabled the team to reduce construction duration by 30 percent, cost by 15 percent, attain Army sustainability goals, and exceed Small Business goals. The team continues to grow strong in its service to its customers. The District strives to improve processes and execution methods to maximize the quality of the facilities for Soldiers, Airmen, and their families.

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