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  • Former Camp Howze, "Maneuver Area"The site is comprised of 31,132 acres within the former Camp Howze, located in Cooke County, Texas outside of the City of Gainesville.
  • Purchased in 1941 to conduct infantry training during World War II. The Camp was closed in 1946.
  • Today, the land is mostly residential and agricultural.
  • A formal Remedial Investigation of the former Camp Howze was finalized in 2012. This included the "Maneuver Area". A small amount of munition related debris was found in the "Maneuver Area".
  • Testing have shown that any chemical contaminant levels do not exceed ecological screening values. Chemical contamination is not a concern.
  • There is still a potential risk of munitions and/or munition debris.
  • A key to mitigating any potential residual risk is to inform stakeholders of these risks and educate them on procedures to avoid and report munitions debris, if they are discovered.

RECOGNIZE - You may have found a munition. It may not look like one, but it could still be dangerous.

RETREAT - Mark the spot on the surface and carefully leave the area.

REPORT - Call 911, providing as much specific information as possible so the munitions experts can respond.