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Site Map and Munitions Response Sites

Munitions Response Site (MRS) 7 is noncontiguous and comprised of two areas totaling approximately 146 acres. The MRS was previously used for artillery training and is within the main artillery range impact area. The MRS is also within the crossfire of three small arms ranges. Potential munitions present within MRS 7 include 4.2‑inch M2 and high explosive mortars, 105 millimeter (mm) Target Practice and M1 projectiles, 75mm M64 and MK1 projectiles, 37mm projectiles, 2.36-inch rockets, rifle grenades, M7 antitank mines, and small arms. The estimated depth of any potential MEC at MRS 7 is 20 inches below ground surface.

MRS 11
MRS 11 is approximately 69 acres is size. MRS 11 was previously identified as a possible artillery range. The MRS overlaps a portion of the “fortified area” containing an anti-aircraft range and is adjacent to a former rifle range. Potential munitions present within the MRS include 60mm mortars and rifle grenades. The horizontal distribution is primarily concentrated to the west of the
gravel road, near the west‑central portions of the MRS. However, debris has also been found in the far north and south corners of the project site. The estimated depth of any potential MEC at MRS 11 is up to 12 inches below ground surface.

Examples of Munitions

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