Archive: July, 2022
  • SWF-2021-00376, Lake McQueeney Spillgate Replacement and Dam Armoring and SWF-2021-00377, Lake Placid Spillgate and Dam Armoring

    Expiration date: 8/22/2022

    View full public noticeThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District (USACE) Regulatory
  • 408-SWF-2022-0014, San Pedro Creek Phase 4

    Expiration date: 8/8/2022

    View full public noticeRequest for a Section 408 permission to alter the San Antonio Channel
  • SWF-2021-00360 (Grindstone Quarry)

    Expiration date: 8/5/2022

    The applicant proposes to utilize an undeveloped, 300-acre site as a quarry for aggregate production. The operation would require plant equipment, stockpiling of materials, and support facilities (e.g., office, equipment maintenance facility). Aggregate material would be extracted by using phased mining, which includes the removal of soil and rock above the desired layer of limestone, followed by removal of the exposed limestone. Aggregate material would be processed by using a crushing plant to produce the desired size and specification of material.