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    Ranger For A Day

    The park ranger is the face of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at each of its lakes and reservoirs. You see them patrolling the lakes, campgrounds, recreation areas and picnicking sites. If you had the chance to step into their shoes for a day, would you do it? Members of the local Dallas and Fort Worth media had that opportunity recently during a ranger orientation day.
  • A boom not heard…is a good thing

    In support of World War II, Camp Fannin was established in Smith County in 1943, six miles north of Tyler, Texas, as a U.S. Army Infantry Replacement Training Center for small arms, artillery, and tank gunnery training. The site became home to more than 200,000 soldiers until it was declared surplus in 1946. At that time, the land acquired for Camp Fannin was excessed for privately owned use.