• November

    Fort Worth District’s Military Programs – Supporting the Needs and Well-Being of the Military and their Families

    The Fort Worth District has one of the widest ‘footprints’ when it comes to Military projects. Those projects directly impact and support our Military members and their Families, and bring an added personal reward for all team members involved in them. The Fort Worth District’s Military Program is comprised of a dedicated and multi-disciplined team supporting 14 Army and Air Force installations and other Military customers throughout Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. The District manages a robust design and military construction (MILCON) and reimbursable program totaling $6.8 billion in active projects.
  • August

    Fort Worth District welcomes new commander, Col. Kenneth N. Reed

    Col. Kenneth N. Reed assumed command from Col. Calvin C. Hudson II Friday in a ceremony officiated by Brig. Gen. Paul E. Owen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division.
  • Ecosystem restoration reverses 160 years of habitat decline in suburban Frisco, Texas

    Lynde Dodd, a research biologist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ERDC Environmental Laboratory, still recalls her summer hike three years ago. She walked drainages between subdivisions in Frisco, a booming suburb, conducting a pre-construction vegetation survey. The first settlers to the Peters Colony 160 years ago encountered bison and a vibrant prairie. It spread across rolling hills that overlook rich North Texas riparian bottomlands. This Blackland Prairie “once exploded with a riot of colorful wildflowers and grasses,” wrote Matt White, author of Prairie Time. “From flowers that bloom barely above the ground to others 10 feet or more in height, the variety of plant life that existed within just a few feet was remarkable.”
  • September

    Fort Hood's House Creek Bridge project reaches major milestone

    A major milestone was reached with the installation of 15 beams which make up the bulk of the bridge over Fort Hood’s House Creek on Sep. 8.
  • July

    Fort Worth District’s Morris Garners 2015 Small Business Annual Award

    The Small Business Program Manager of the Year award for 2015 was presented to Robert P. Morris Jr., Program Manager, Small Business and Deputy Chief, Program and Project Management Division, June 14, during the Fort Worth District Engineer Day Annual Awards Ceremony for his exceptional service. Morris was “surprised” at the recognition rarely awarded to non-Small Business Program Office members and said, “This is a team effort. While I meet with the company and small businesses, it’s up to the team in PPMD to actually get the job done.”
  • At 81 years-old Fort Worth’s Jimmy Baggett shares 60 years of service with USACE

    In 1942, along with his family, seven year-old Jimmy D. Baggett left his hometown, near Vernon, Texas with a population of about 50 to the City of Fort Worth that boasted a population of close to 200,000. “My dad changed from being a gas station attendant for the 50 people in our township during early 1942 in order to work at the Bomber plant (in Fort Worth) which has been through several name changes to now being known as Lockheed Martin,” said Baggett, who was born on January 11, 1935.
  • USACE Fort Worth District employee receives top honor

    A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District employee, currently deployed to Afghanistan with USACE-Transatlantic Afghanistan District, has been awarded one of the highest honors bestowed within the Corps of Engineers. Charles “Lon” Webster, assistant district counsel, was presented with the Bronze Order of the de Fleury Medal June 1.