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Stream Team North Central Texas Council of Governments

 Hydrologic Modeling Guidelines

 Hydrologic Modeling Guidelines Checklist (2018 Jan 22)
 Hydrologic Modeling Guidelines Technical Report (2018 Jan 22)

Stream Classification

Biotic Stream Classification Robert J. Naiman
Fundamentals of the Rosgen Stream Classification System U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Channel Processes, Classification, and Response David R. Montgomery and John M. Buffington

Evaluating Stream Functions and Values

Stream Visual Assessment Protocol Not for use in Section 404 permitting Natural Resources Conservation Service   (NRCS)
A User Guide to Assessing Proper Functioning Condition and the Supporting Science for Lotic Areas Not for use in Section 404 permitting NRCS

Evaluating Impacts to Streams

Impacts of Stabilization Measures U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Stream Restoration and Management Information

Articles regarding watershed management Center for Watershed Protection
Stream Stabilization and Streambank Reconstruction Projects City of Austin, Texas
Stream Management ERDC
Stream Corridor Restoration NRCS
Channel Rehabilitation: Processes, Design, and Implementation David R. Montgomery and John M. Buffington
Corridors and Vegetated Buffer Zones:  A Preliminary Assessment and Study Design ERDC
Stream and Watershed Restoration Christopher A. Frissell and Stephen C. Ralph
Overview of Stream Restoration Technology: State of the science ERDC
Reconnection of Floodplains with Incised Channels ERDC
Riparian Restoration Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Stability Thresholds for Stream Restoration Materials ERDC
Vegetative Filter Strips for Improved Surface Water Quality Iowa State University Extension
Improving Riparian Buffer Strips and Corridors for Water Quality and Wildlife ERDC
Design Recommendations for Riparian Corridors and Vegetated Buffer Strips ERDC
Site Planning for Urban Stream Protection The Center for Watershed Protection

Stream Restoration Design Tools

Channel-Forming Discharge ERDC
Effective Discharge Calculation ERDC
Robert Manning (A Historical Perspective) ERDC
Determining Drag Coefficients and Area for Vegetation ERDC
Determination of Flow Resistance Coefficients Due to Shrubs and Woody Vegetation ERDC
Resistance Due to Vegetation ERDC
Stream Restoration Design Handbook (NEH 654) NRCS
Computing Scour


Stream Restoration Terminology

Glossary of Stream Restoration Terms ERDC
Definitions & Distinctions EPA
Riparian Terminology:  Confusion and Clarification ERDC

Stream Bank Stabilization and Erosion Management

Brush Mattresses for Streambank Erosion Control ERDC
Streambank Habitat Enhancement with Large Woody Debris ERDC
Characterization of Sandbar Willow Stems for Erosion Control Applications ERDC
Rootwad Composites for Streambank Erosion Control and Fish Habitat Enhancement ERDC
Gabions for Streambank Erosion Control ERDC
Live and Inert Fascine Streambank Erosion Control ERDC
Design Considerations for Siting Grade Control Structures ERDC
Boulder Clusters ERDC
Brush Mattresses for Streambank Erosion Control ERDC

Stormwater Management

Using Smart Growth Techniques as Stormwater Best Management Practices EPA