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In 1940, the government acquired 162.06 acres as an OLF for the Dallas Naval Air Station at Grand Prairie, Texas. The property, currently referred to as the Former Five Points OLF was developed for use by the US Government for military training activities during World War II to practice landings and takeoffs by aircraft from the Dallas NAS. The site was later used as a practice bombing range. Construction at the field included practice runways, a target bull's-eye ring, and a boundary fence. The date the US Navy declared the site surplus and transferred ownership to the General Services Administration is unknown.


The General Services Administration (GSA) conveyed the former range to Gordon and Pope Supply Company on July 19, 1956. The property remained mostly undeveloped until the Twin Park Partnership took ownership in 1983. Ownership has changed several times since 1956. A 35-acre parcel of the site is developed as a mobile home park known as Twin Parks Estates, while nearly all the remaining 127 acres are under development as a single-family housing community known as Southridge Hills.