Corps to host public meetings for the Sam Rayburn Reservoir Master Plan revision

Published Jan. 23, 2017

FORT WORTH, Texas – Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representatives will host public meetings on January 31 and February 2 to provide information and receive public input on the Draft Master Plan revision for Sam Rayburn Reservoir. 

The meetings will be identical and are being held at two separate locations for public convenience. The January 31 meeting will be held in the Jaguar Meeting Room at the Ellen Trout Zoo, 402 Zoo Circle, Lufkin Texas. The February 2 meeting will be at the Jasper County Courthouse Annex, 271 East Lamar Street, Jasper, Texas. Both meetings will have a formal presentation beginning at 6 p.m., followed by an open house forum for individual one-on-one discussion with Corps representatives. The public can view maps, ask questions and provide comments about the project.  

A Master Plan is defined by Corps as the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of all recreational, natural, and cultural resources throughout the life of the water resource development project. In general, it defines “how” the resources will be managed for public use and resource conservation. Revision of the Master Plan will not address in detail the technical operational aspects of the reservoir related to the water supply, flood risk management, navigation or hydroelectric power generation missions of the project. 

The Master Plan study area will include Sam Rayburn Reservoir proper and all adjacent recreational and natural resources properties under Corps administration. Federal lands adjacent to the reservoir that are administered by the U.S. Forest Service will be noted in the Master Plan revision but will not be addressed in detail.  

The current Master Plan for Sam Rayburn Reservoir was prepared in September 1970 and is in need of revision to address changes in regional land use, population, outdoor recreation trends and USACE management policy.  Key topics to be addressed in the revised Master Plan include revised land classifications, new natural and recreational resource management objectives, recreation facility needs and special topics such as invasive species management.  Public participation is critical to the successful revision of the Master Plan.  The Draft Master Plan will be available for download on the USACE website: 

Questions pertaining to the proposed revision can be addressed to: Eric Irwin, CESWF-PEC-TM, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District, P.O. Box 17300, Fort Worth, TX 76102-0300, (817) 886-1870. 


About the Fort Worth District: The Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was established in 1950. The District is responsible for water resources development in two-thirds of Texas, and design and construction at military installations in Texas and parts of Louisiana and New Mexico.  Visit the Fort Worth District Web site at: and SWF Facebook at:
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