What Does the Fort Worth District Buy?

Our mission is to protect and develop the water resources of Central Texas; including navigation, flood control, hydroelectric power and related projects. We also support 10 Army and 8 Air Force installations in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

To that end, we purchase approximately $500-800 million worth of construction, supplies and services annually.

The following are only examples of what we buy; they are by no means all:

  • Construction – barracks, dining facilities, maintenance shops, hangers, hospitals, airfields, roads, levees, and dams.
  • Engineering Services – Concept studies, master planning, engineering studies, all types of surveying and mapping (land and aerial), design/build, inspection services and testing.
  • Other Services – Environmental services, trash collection, grass mowing, janitorial, oversee and maintain recreational parks, stenographic, real estate appraisal.
  • Supplies and Equipment – Generators, HVAC, electronic gear, cement, rip rap, and publications.