Published Nov. 27, 2018
Expiration date: 12/27/2018

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The proposed railway bridge replacements would be located on a 17.01 acre parcel of land containing 200 linear feet (LF) of stream, and 9.56 acres of wetlands in Gregg and Harrison Counties, Texas. The applicant proposes to discharge approximately 2,412 cubic yards of dredged and fill material into approximately 2.99 acres of waters of the U.S. that would permanently impact 2.77 acres of wetlands, temporarily impact 0.22 acres of wetlands, and temporarily impact less than 0.01 acres of the Sabine River northwest of Easton, in Gregg and Harrison Counties, Texas. Due to structural deterioration and operational reliability concerns, the purpose of the project would be to maintain a safe, efficient, and reliable railroad operation at the Sabine River crossing by replacing the existing bridges to maintain the current use of the railroad crossings.