U.S. Army Corps of Engineers close Pier 36 Marina due to weather damage

Published Aug. 28, 2015

FORT WORTH, Texas – The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers at Belton Lake has closed the Pier 36 Marina due to health and safety issues caused by weather damage.

This decision was made today following a team of Corps personnel’s inspection of the Pier 36 Marina yesterday.  The inspection revealed numerous public safety and health issues, which including but not limited to; the severing of the main walkway to the office and the walkway to all of the docks, loss of power and water and septic services, no available public restrooms, the loss of anchoring for "B" dock, structural damage, gaps in the walkways, uneven and missing boards, numerous tripping hazards, lack of handrails, excessive sway of walkways, unsecured anchors from the shore to docks, blocked walkway access and trash both on the walkways and in the water.

The entire Pier 36 Marina area will remain closed until the area can be returned to a condition that does not present a life, health and safety concern for the general public. Access for general recreational

activities will not be allowed.  Any marina slip holder desiring access to their property must be escorted to and from their respective slip during the closure period. Due to the unsafe walkways it is recommended that access be by boat.

For more information, please contact the Belton Lake Office at 254-939-2461 or the Fort Worth District Public Affairs Office at 817-886-1306.


About the Fort Worth District: The Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was established in 1950. The District is responsible for water resources development in two-thirds of Texas, and design and construction at military installations in Texas and parts of Louisiana and New Mexico.  Visit the Fort Worth District Web site at: www.swf.usace.army.mil and SWF Face book at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Worth-District-US-Army-Corps-of-Engineers/188083711219308

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