Fort Worth District recognized for Army Operations Security Achievements

Published April 15, 2014

FORT WORTH, Texas –The Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Security Operations Working Group was awarded a 2013 Army Operations Security Organizational Achievement Awards. This marks the first time a USACE entity has won this award.

During Fiscal Year 2013, the District was able to increase its OPSEC through their training efforts, implementation and innovation of OPSEC procedures. The group’s efforts resulted in high ratings for the District on the 2013 Higher Headquarters Assessment. 

"Bob Eisenberg, security officer, Fort Worth District with the assistance of Jeff Mahaffey, Emergency Management Specialist and the OPSEC Working Group redefined how the Fort Worth District conducted Operational Security.  As part of the Department of the Army we are held to the same regulations and standard as fully operational units with limited exceptions. What Bob (Eisenberg) has accomplished in today's fiscal environment is a testament to his tenacity and complete understanding of Army mission requirements”, said Mike Kingston, chief, Emergency Management Operations, Fort Worth District.

According to Kinston, Eisenberg lead his Operations Security team by ensuring that the overall effectiveness of the program resulted in 98 percent of employees aware of their responsibility to information pertaining to OPSEC.

“The accomplishments of the Fort Worth Operations Working Group over the past year has been outstanding  without question, increased our security posture in coordination and operations of high visibility projects throughout the state of Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico,” said Lt. Col. Neil Craig, deputy commander, Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


About the Fort Worth District: The Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was established in 1950. The District is responsible for water resources development in two-thirds of Texas, and design and construction at military installations in Texas and parts of Louisiana and New Mexico.  Visit the Fort Worth District Web site at: and SWF Facebook at:
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