Fort Worth District preparing for possible closures of Corps-Operated Campgrounds and Day-use Parks

Published Oct. 1, 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas – The Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today the closure of all Corps-operated campgrounds and day-use parks due to the Federal government shutdown.

"The Fort Worth District regrets the impacts these closures might have on the numerous patrons who recreate at our facilities, and we are working to keep the public fully informed about the availability and status of those facilities," said Col. Charles Klinge, commander, Fort Worth District.

Today and continuing through the end of the shutdown, the Corps will neither accept reservations nor allow new visitors into their recreation facilities. Campers who are on site prior to the shutdown going into effect will be required to vacate campgrounds no later than 8 p.m. Oct. 2.

Customers may cancel their reservations for a full refund. Those required to vacate campsites early will receive a partial refund for any unused portion of their reservations. As an alternative, they have the option to leave reservations open for possible use after the shutdown is lifted.

Customers may request a partial refund for any unused portion of their reservation customer service at 1-888-448-1474 (TDD 1-877-833-6777). If customers take no action, their reservations will automatically cancel after their departure date.

Rhonda Paige

Release no. 13-060