Additional Operational Changes for Somerville Lake’s Yegua Creek and Rocky Creek Parks

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District
Published March 5, 2021

SOMERVILLE, Texas - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials announce today additional park operational changes beginning October 1 at both Rocky Creek Park and Yegua Creek Park at Somerville Lake.

Effective October 1, the following changes will be implemented.

  1. Volunteer Park Host will operate the gatehouse
  2. Gatehouse operational hours will be reduced.
  3. Automatic entrance gates will be used when volunteers are not present at gate house.
  4. All remaining credit card sales at the gatehouse will cease including:
    1. Collection of all boat ramp fees for day users (two boat ramps in Rocky Creek Park and one boat ramp in Yegua Creek Park).
    2. Selling of Corps Annual Day Use Passes and America the Beautiful Passes. (ATB Passes can be obtained on the USGS website at
  5. Free public boat ramp will be made available outside gatehouse entrance to Yegua Creek Park.

At this time, the Corps Annual Day Use Passes and America the Beautiful Passes will be sold at gatehouses until October 1. Those passes will be honored until October 1, 2021 at which time users wishing to utilize them for day use boat launching, will no longer be able to launch within the campgrounds but may launch at the free public boat ramp located outside the Yegua Creek Park entrance.  

Questions regarding information on park operational changes is available by calling the Somerville Lake Office at 979-596-1622. 

Visit the Fort Worth District Web site at: and social media at:  

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Release no. 21-013